PAX Q30 Terminal Overview

The PAX Q30 terminal is an upgraded version of the PAX S300 terminal. In addition to having the same functions and similar cable of the PAX S300, this terminal is also compatible with POS Link and Econduit; Meaning, it will work with most POS systems that support these connections. The Q30 also has a larger screen display, perfect for displaying company logos.

NFC payments through phone or tap-to-pay are accepted. Your pin-pad allows for pin-based debit, the insert at the bottom allows for chip-based payments, and the slit to the side allows swipe-based payments. A stylus is provided for POS systems that support the device. 

A cable is needed to supply power to the system, but the ability to utilize Wi-Fi network connection prevents you from needing to run a Cat-5 cable to your station. With a proper Q30 Swivel stand, you can set the terminal up to be more customer facing. 

For more information regarding the Q30 swivel Stand and/or  Q30 terminal, or if you have general inquiries, contact us at 1 (800) 518-5020 or email us at

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