Seamless Online Shopping Added to Your Current Website

Consumers across the globe have rapidly begun to expect the option to purchase products and services online. It is no surprise then, that eCommerce purchases are estimated to account for nearly $6.5 billion in sales by 2024 and will make up 95% of all sales by 2040. 

Although online shopping has progressed extremely quickly in the past two years, it is clear that the sky's the limit. While it may seem overwhelming, adding an online sales channel to your business’ operations is extremely important! 

Luckily, Cloud Point of Sale now offers a seamless ecommerce integration with your existing website. There is no longer the need to develop and manage a separate and technologically challenging online store. 

Your products will be available for customers to add to cart, adjust quantities and securely checkout all without leaving the webpage they already know and trust. 

You and your team will have access to all of your product, customer, and sales data as well as the ability to view in depth reporting, user analytics and custom reports that apply to your operations specifically.  

A cutting edge user interface that eliminates confusion and streamlines the process to ensure accurate and efficient deployment. You will also be able to view in depth reporting, sales and user analytics and create custom reports that apply to your operations specifically.  

Complete with customization and training, the Cloud POS team will ensure you are comfortable before launch. We will also be there to support you throughout the days and weeks following your official offering. 

 For the easiest way to add ecommerce to your business, call Cloud Point of Sale at 888 773-1222 or email

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