Terminal Warranty Explained

Every new terminal comes with a manufacturer's warranty plus a 20-day CloudPOS return and exchange policy. For example, PAX terminals come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and our CloudPOS 20-day return and exchange policy. You can read the full details of our 20-day return and exchange policy here. If you experience issues with your terminal within our outlined 20-day period you can return or exchange your terminal following our process outlined here. If you experience issues with your terminal beyond our support team’s capability after our outlined 20-day return and exchange period you will need to contact the manufacturer of the terminal to proceed with a warranty claim. If you need to process a manufacturer claim we recommend that you purchase an additional terminal while you work through that claim to ensure your business is not down a terminal. We understand that being down a terminal can heavily affect your ability to do business and we want to help!

If you purchase a new terminal from us because you need to process a manufacturer warranty claim for a terminal you previously purchased from us we offer a few benefits.

  • We will help you navigate through the manufacturer warranty claim process
    • You will send us your terminal, and our expert team will handle sending the terminal to the manufacturer and will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Discounted new terminal
    • Contact sales@theposcloud.com and we will issue you a discount if you’re purchasing a new terminal due to a manufacturer’s warranty claim.
  • No downtime, plus a backup terminal
    • We send you your newly purchased terminal and ensure it’s fully set up before we send your other terminal out for a warranty claim. Once the claim is settled and the terminal is returned to you, you should keep this terminal as a backup. 


Q: My terminal is under warranty, but I still need to process payments. What do I do?

A: We recommend purchasing another terminal and we will work with you to have you back up and running with minimal to no downtime.

Q: Do you offer a discount if I need to purchase another terminal due to a manufacturer warranty claim?

A: Yes, please contact sales@theposcloud.com for assistance.

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