Integrated Payments Solution for Medical Offices

Is your ISO, Bank, or payments company limited by medical software that requires an integrated payments partner? Merchants should have a choice when it comes to their payment provider and their medical solution. 

Cloud POS has the solution. Our processor agnostic solution allows for EMV, recurring payments, and “text to pay”. These are all basic payments solutions that medical merchants deserve to have. They reduce chargebacks, fraud, receivables, and the need for collections. 

Our processor agnostic solution is compatible with any bank that has access to the TSYS or First Data payment networks. This means 90% of solution providers can use our solution and work with one of the 900 softwares below. Our solution is fully integrated and reports right to the software's ledger and payments modules. The cost of the integrations is $25 and 0.50% of the transaction volume. For this fee, we complete all the necessary integration work, merchant training, and support and will even do a demo in your company's name. All you have to do is provide a gateway VAR sheet and we get them up and running. 

Below is a list of our current integrations with live merchant accounts attached. We look forward to working with any payments partner to support our mutual clients. Please email or call us for more information. 


Integrated Gateway Software List

> IMS software Dentamax JaneApp Orthotrack
A com Health Dentasoft Kaireo Orthotrack v.
A to C Dentec Kairo Orthotrak
A2c Dentech Kareo Orthotrak version
A2C Clinic Controller Denticom but changing to Endovision in the near future Kareo already installed from other 2 accounts Orthoware
A2C Medical Denticon Kareo ver 2.0 Orthtrac (Think Client)
AC2 Dentimax Kareo web based no version Pain DC
Acom Dentimax (Local) Keymed Patient Base
Acom Rapid Dentimax 2008 Kodak (localy Patient Care PCS
ACOMM (Web-based) Dentio ver. 17 Lab Manager Patient Now
AcuityLogic Dentirx G5 Lightspeed PatientNow
Acumen (Web-Based) Dentisoft Cloud Pro Liquid Pay DC
Acumen PM Dentix Lytec PayDC
ACUSIMPLE Dentix G6 Lytec 2014/2019 version PayJunction
AdmancedMD ver. 12.8 Dentrix Lytec MD PB Clinic
ADP (web-based) Dentrix - Ascend Lytech Pbclinic
Advanced Claim Diamond Dental MAC Practice PBS
Advanced Data Systems Medics Premier Diamond Dental 5.3 Macpractice PBS Endo
Advanced MD Discuss with Merchant Macs w Parallels and Eyematch PBS Endo (Local)
Advanced MD (Local) DME Works Management Plus PBSendo
Advanced MD (web-based) Docs software Maxamize PCS
Advanced MD ver 12.3 Docutap Maximeyes Peachtree
Advanced MD ver. 12.8 Docutrac Maximize Perfectcare STI
AdvancedMD - Web DocuTrack Office Therapy Maximize (Web-based) Perio Exec ver 11.7
AdvancedMD (Practice Fusion) DocuTrack Office Therapy (locally installed) MD land Perio Vision
AdvancedMD/MyCareIntegrity Dolphin MD land Software Periovision
AdvanceMD (Not sure on the version) Dolphin (Local) MD OFFICE Phunkey Software
Advantage Plus Dolphin (remote Server) MD Systems V6 Picasso (web-based EHR by EHR)
Advantick Dovetail MDOffice Picasso (web-based)
Advantics (Local) Dox MDSuite - ServerBased / 2014 Edition Pioneer RX
Aesthetics Pro Dox Pedo Med Infomatics Platinum
Aim/Ram? Dr Chrono Med Suite (cloud) Platinum system
Aims Software Dr Chrono web version Med USA Platinum systems
Akamai PM Drug Pac and Quickbooks Medent Power Sfot
AllegianceMD DS3 (WEB-BASED) Medent (Remote Server Practice Better
AllMeds DSN MedEvolve Practice Director
Allscripts DSN (OS software-no integration) Medflex Practice Director Insight
Allscripts (web-based) DSN (They said its the newest version) MedFlow/Advanced MD Practice EHR
Allscripts 18.3 DSN OMS Exec Medformics/Accuterm Practice Fusion
AllScripts AM Pro DSN Oral Surgery Medformix Practice Fusion /
Allscripts and BT Portal DSN Oral Surgery Exec Version Medgen Practice fusion quick books
Allscripts PM DSN Version 18 Medhost (Remote Server) Practice Fusion/EZ Claim
Allscripts Pro Duxware Medi notes PRACTICE PERFECT
AllscriptsPro PM (Web-based) Duxware (web-based) Medic Fusion Practice Perfect v.
Ally DV Macks Medical Manager Practice Perfect -Version
AltPoint DVM Manager Medical Mastermind PM Practice Perfect-through billing co. CPM
Amazing Charts DVMax Medical Mastermind/EHR Version 5 Practice Studio
Amazing Charts ver 8 E clinical MediFusion Practice Studios
American Medical Software (web-based) - integration already exists at other 3 locs E Clinical Cloud MEDIMS OMS / 13:07/48 Practice Suite
AMS (Locall) E clinical works Medinformatics Practice UHR
Anthena E Medical MediSoft Practice Velocity
Aprima E Thomas Medisoft (local) Practice Web
Aprima (currently Integrated) & eClinicalWorks (new) 11 Eagelsoft V 16.2.8 Medisoft (Software) Practice Web EMR (Local)
Aprima (locally installed on PCs) Eagelsoft Version 19 Medisoft 22 Practice Work
AS/PC Complete Version 3 EagleSoft Medisoft but no Integration Practice Work (Local)
Ascend dentrix Easy Biz Medisoft EHR Practice Work 10.0.0
ASPC (its more of a book keeping software than a EMR) Easy Dent (Locally) Medisoft v23 PracticeEHR
Athena Easy Dental Medisoft Version 21 PracticeFusion
Athena Easy Dental (Local) MediStream PracticePro
Athena Flow EasyBis 10.4 Meditab PracticeWeb 16.2
Athena Health Easybiz Meditab IMS PracticeWorks
Athena Net (Web-Site) EasyDental Meditech PracticeWorks 8
Athena software EasyDental V. 12.1 MediTech & LSS PracticeWorks 8.1
ATHENA/MILLENIUM FOR LUMA MD EasZBiz Meditech (newly installed) Practiceworks
AthenaNet v19.7 eClincal Works (they think ver 11) Meditouch Practiceworks V7.10.2
Atlas eClincial Works ver 11 Medix Premiere PracticeWorks vs.8
Autumn8 ver. 5.1 EClinic Works MedSoft Prime Clinical/ Lytech
Availity eClinical (Desktop Version) MedStreaming Prime Suite Greenway
Avimark eClinical (Desktop) MedTech Profitware
Avimark (Local) eClinical (Local) Medusind Prognicis
Azalea eclinical (software) Medware version 9.10 Prognocis
Bestnotes Online eClinical (web- based) Merdian/Vertex PROGNOSIS
Blue Print (Local) Eclipse Micro MD Prognosis (web-based)
BluePrint eClipse (Local - Cloud) MICROMD Prognosis(Bizmatic) - (Web-Based)
Bonafide Eclipse (Local) Mind Body PsychAdvantage
Booker Eclipse / v2019 Build 8/14/19 MindBody PT Practice Pro Web Based
BOTH: Practice Fusion & Quickbooks Eclipse converting to Chirotouch Pulse
BrightTree Eclipse v2019 Modernizing Medicine PureChiro
BRS Software Eclypse ModMed PM (Local)
QB and Genius Solutions-EThomas (possible remote server)
Cairo ECW Module MD Quantom (Kareo)
Cardio eCW ver 11 Module MD (web-based) Quest 360/Edgemed
Care Cloud Eddson Mogo Quick books
Care Cloud web version EHI Mogo Dental Quick Books Desktop 2019 Pro & QuickPractice ver. 5.0.4
Care Management Platform(cloud based) EHR software Mountain SidePractice Management Quickbook
Care Stack EHR your way Mountainside Quickbooks
Care Tracker Elation MVE Quickbooks (POS)
Carelogic (cloud-based) eLation (web-based) My Client Plus Quickbooks Desktop 2020
Carelogic (web-based) Elation Health My Practice Now
Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus 2019 and Pro Health Billing ver 6
Careo EMD My Vision Express Quickbooks Point of Sale 18.0 Pro Level
Carestack EMD (Locally) My Vision Express (Local) QuickPractice
CareStream EMedent My Vision Express 2018 Build 190703 Rapid by ACOM
CareStream Dental (SoftDent) v 17.1.1 Emma (Cloud Based) My Vision Express 2018 build 2009-14 Renaissance
Carestream Practice Works Emma (Cloud-based MY VISION EXPRESS 6.1 RescueNet
Carestream Softdent EMR Bear MyCare Integrity Resolute (Epic)
Carestream WinOMS Endovision N-Able Revolution
Carestream-Softdent Energy N-Able / Ver: 5.0.C RICKS
Caretracker ENTERGY (FB - its actually ELATION ERMR) NatureSoft RLISYS
Centricity Envision Cloud Netsmart (Web-Based) RX 30
Centricity (locally installed) EPIC New Horizon 19.6.98 S4PT
Centricity Practice Solutions Epic (Locally) New Horizon version 19.6.98 SalonIris
Centricity ver 12 epic (remote server) New MD Sammy (Local)
Cerner Epic (Web-based) NexGen Sammy EHR
Cerner - Millennium Ethomas (Remote Desktop) Nexgen/Health Fusion Sammy Systems
Charm Ethomas Genius Next Gen Seamless
Charm EHR eventually Open Dental Next Tech SequealMed (Local)
Charm EHR - web based EverMark NEXTECH Sequel Med (Local)
Chart Perfect EVet NexTech (Local) Sequelmed
Chiro 8000 E-Vet NexTech (Not sure on version) Serm software
Chiro 8000 v.14 Evident NEXTECH / V 14.8 Service Fusion
Chiro fusion Evidentiae/Oryx Dental Nextech 14.1 Silk One
Chiro QC (quick charts) Excel NEXTECH CLOUD / V 14.8 SilkOne EHR
Chiro Quick Existing NexTech Cloud 14.8 Simplast
Chiro Quick Charts Existing Script Nextech Select PMS Simple Practice
Chiro touch Experity Nextech v. 14.8 Simple Practice Proffesional
Chiro touch / open edge Eye Cloud Pro Nextech web ver SIS Charts
Chiro touch /open edge Eye Infinity Officemate Nextech web version Soft
Chiro Touch 6.6.39 Eyedoc PM Nextech/Athena Soft Dent
Chiro8000 Eyefinity NEXTGECH Soft Dent (Locally)
Chiro8000 V15 Eyefinity EPM (Web-based) NextGen Softdent/Carestream
ChiroFusion Eyetrust Nextgen (cloud-based) SOS
Chirofusion Live EZ 2000 Plus Dental Nextgen (formerly Meditouch) Splash Web Based
ChiroFusion NOT JaneApp EZ Biz NextGen (web-based) SteamlineMD
ChiroOffice EZ BIZ / 10.5R 11/2019 Nextgen Office STI
Chiropractic Spring 5.07.08RS EZ Claim (Local} Nextgen Office / Healthfusion Strata
ChiroSpring EZ Dent Nexttech Stratum Tracker
ChiroSpring 5.07.24 RS EZ Dental NextTech (Software) Streamline
Chirotouch EZ Derm NextTech 14.5 (Locall) Streamline MD
Chirotouch (Local) Ezyvet NikoHealth StreamlineMD
ChiroTouch (Locally) Fellow EHR Nimble (web-based) Sunwave
Chirotouch 7.0.252 FIND OUT Novoclinical Sycle Pro ver 26.27
ChiroTouch 7.1.282 Flexis NueMD Symplast
Chirotouch 7.2.270 Flexmedical Ocs Systems 4
Chirotouch 7.2.6 FormSmith OD Link Systems for PT
Chirotouch 7.2.60 Forte / Chiro8000 Office Ali Systems4PT
Chirotouch Fox Dent Office Ally Tab 32
Chirotouch v.7.2.541 Fuse Office Ally (web-based) Talk EHR
Chirotouch v6.6.39c GE Centricity Office Ally V 4 TDO (Local)
Chirotouch Version 7.2.27 GE Centricity Quatris Office Ally v 4.13.1 TDO (Remote Server)
Chirotuch GE Centricity ver 12 Office Ally v Web 4.12.3 TDO (The Digital Office)
ChiroWrite Genesis Office Ally v4.13.1 TDO / 12.3
Chrystal Glace Office Ally Web Based Team DME
Class Juggler Glace EMR Office Ally web version TeamDME
Client Track Glace ver 6, NextGen ver 5.9, Aesthetic Pro no version Office Ally/ Quickbooks The Digital Office
Clincient Glace, Next Gen, Aesthetic Pro Office Hours The Digital Office TDO Verson 11.3 Revision 51c
Clinic Doctor Glo Office Hours v22 TheraBill
Clinic Dr GMED Office Manager but no integration Theraoffice
Clinic Pro Google Drive Office Mate TheraOffice ver.
Clinic source Greenway Office Mate (CloudBased) Theraoffice Web
ClinicDr v- Greenway - Intergy Office Mate (cloud-based) Therapist Helper
Clinician Greenway (Citrix) Office Mate (EyeFinity) Therapist Helper (web-based)
clinicient Greenway (Local) Office Mate (installed on server in office) Therapist Helper 9.6.0
Cloud 9 Greenway Entergy Office Mate (Local) Therapy Appointment
Cloud 9 Ortho Greenway Health Office Mate (Local) +1 Remote Server Therapy Helper 9.6.0
Code 1 Greenway Health - Intergy Office Mate (locally installed) Therapy Notes
Code Metro Greenway Intergy Office Mate 12.0.3 TherapyNotes
Collaborate MD Greenway Prime Office Mate Version 15.0.2375 Theraweb
Collaborate MD / 9.6.0 Hands on Theraoffice Office Practicum Tops Ortho (Remote Servers)
CollaborateMD Handyworks Office Practicum OP Tracker
CollaborateMD / 9.6.0 Happe Software Office Practicum ver 14 Tracker US
Compiling ver Health Fusion Office Praticum Tracknet
Compulink Health Fusion Next Gen Office Office Therapy 12.00.12. Traknet
Compulink (latest) Health Nexgen office therapy docu track Traknet (Locally)
Compulink (Local and Remote Desktop) HealthFusion OfficeAli TRAKnet PM
Compulink (See email to Anette for directions) Henry Shine OMS Vision OfficeAlli TRAKnet ver 3.1
Compulink Henry Shine Periovision OfficeAlly TRAKnet ver. 3.1
CompuLink Advantage I Medic Ware OfficeMate TransWorld
Compulink Cloudbased Icloud pro Omni MD Treknet v3.1
Compulink Eyecare Advantage ver. iDent Soft - cloud based Omni MD (web-based) Triarq
Compulink Ophthalmology Advantage iDentalCloud Omni MD Version 18 Tritech
Computer Age (Locally) Identalsoft OMS Trizetto
Cornerstone Identasoft OMS / 16.1.0 Uprise EMR
Cornerstone ver 8.7 or 14.6 Idexx OMS Carestream Vagaro
Cornerstone/IDEXX IDEXX Cornerstone OMS Version 17 Vailant
Cortex EDI IFA OMS Vision Valant
Counsal Ifinity OMS Vision Ver 17 Valent (web-based)
CounselEar iMedicWare OMS Vision, Henry Schein Valent Suit 6.0
CPSI (Local) IMF Meditab (web-based) OMSvision Valient (web-version)
Credible Impromed Onmi Veracity
Criterion IMproMed Infinity Open Dent VersaForm
Crsytal PM (Local) Impromed Vet Open Dent 12.8 VetSpire
Crystal IMS Open Dental Vetter
Crystal Management IMS (Local) Open Dental Version Via
Crystal PM IMS (locally installed) Open Edge Via (Local)
Crystal PM (Local) IMS (Meditab) - Cloud (Remote Server) Open edge/ eagle soft Waitingroom Solutions
Crystal PM / 3.6.1 IMS HEALTH Open edge/ eaglesoft Wave Ortho
Crystal PM / 4.5.4 IMS software Open PM (Web-Based) WaveOrtho
Crystal PM / 4.6.29 IMS/Meditab Open Practice Solutions Web PT
Crystal PM /4.5.4 IncaNotes Open Practice Solutions (web-based) Web PT and Quickbooks
Crystal PM 4.7.2 Infinity OpenDent Web PT and therabill
Crystal PMS / 4.7.78 Infinity (Local) OpenDental WebPT
Crystal ver: 4.7.26 Infinity Pro OPI WebPT and Kareo
Crytstal PM (remote server) Infinnitt Opie WebPT NOT PROFITWARE
CS PracticeWorks InfoMed OPMS (Local) WIN OMS
CS Soft Dent Version 16.2.8 Innate OptimisPT WIN OMS (Locally)
CS SoftDent InPhase Optimist PT (Posting)/ Duxware (Billing) Win OMS
CS SoftDent / 17.1.1 Inservio Optimus WinOMS (Local)
CS WinOMS Insight version 5.1 Opto version 5.20 WinOMS Cloud
Cure MD InstaMed Optum 360 WinOMS CS Version 9.5
CureMD Interfaced with EMA modernizing medicine Orchid WINRX
Curve Intergy Ortho 2 Work Wave
Curve Dental Intergy (Cloud - Based) Ortho 2 and SoftDent WRS
Curve Hero Intergy (Locally) Ortho Chart WRS (web-based)
Curvehero Intergy (Web Based) Ortho East (locally) WRS Waiting Room Solution
Cycle Intermedix medios ehr by R1 windows 10 Ortho Edge 2 WylieBiz
Cycle Pro (web-based) Intravet Ortho Edge/Dentrix Xcelldent
Daisy Intravet Ortho Track Cloud XL dent
DataCon iPatientCare Ortho2 XLDent
DataTel Isalas Ortho2 Edge XLDent 18.7
Davlong/Medinformatix Isalus Ortho2Edge xscribe
Denitcon ISalus (web-based) OrthoEdge x-scribe
Denrix Jane Orthosoft (local) xxx
Denrtrix Jane (web version) Orthotrac Z Health
Dental 3 Solutions Soft Jane App Orthotrac (Local) ZenPlanner
DentalVision JANE APP / WEB BASED Orthotrac 14.1 Zhealth


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