Multi Merchant Capabilities on the Pax A-Series Credit Card Terminals

This article will be explaining the multi merchant capabilities found in the Pax A-series credit card terminals as well as what multi merchant is on a broader scale.  

Multi merchant, means just that, multiple merchants or areas of a single business are using one credit card terminal to accept payments from their customers. Here are a few example scenarios where multi merchant would likely be utilized:

  1. A  hair salon where each stylist is a contractor that is renting a stall in the salon. Each stylist needs to accept payment to their individual business but don’t need to take on the cost of individual payment terminals. 
  2. A small office building that has multiple non-retail businesses sharing the space. Let's say a law practice, a masseuse, and an aesthetician are all wanting to accept cards but don’t do enough daily transactions to justify an individual terminal. They might use a shared checkout area and use the multi merchant function to select their specific merchant account and accept payment. 
  3. A business under one name that has multiple areas. In this video, we see a bar and restaurant that accepts payments separately for the bar, indoor dining, and patio areas. This may be for reporting reasons or the three might technically be separate entities operating under the same ownership and brand name. 

Pax A-Series Terminals

Once requested and set up by the Cloud POS service team, it is as simple as tapping the profile icon in the top left corner of the payment screen on your A-series credit card terminal. You will see the various merchant profiles that have been loaded onto the device. Simply tap your business name or area and then complete a payment as you normally would. 

After that, tap which merchant account you would like to accept payment for and complete the transaction as you normally would. 

Watch This Video To See The  Pax A-Series In Action

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