Which One Of The Four Available A920 Base Options Is Right For You?


Are you in need of a docking station for your A920? Docking stations are a great way for staff to immediately know where to pick up and drop off the A920 terminal. It also ensures your A920 is continually operating at optimal charge levels for peak performance.

The A920 has four available base options, the L920-BC, L920-BM, L920-BE, and the L920-BF.

  • The L920-BC docking station is a simplistic solution used for charging only. It does not have USB ports and it has no Bluetooth or WiFi capabilities, however, it is lightweight compared to the other available options.
  • The L920-BM is multifunctional with Ethernet and USB connections. This base is WiFi capable, however, it does not include Bluetooth capabilities.
  • The L920-BE wireless base is an ideal solution for businesses such as bars or clubs because the Ethernet and Bluetooth functionality allows the A920 to be used in situations with poor telecom signal receptivity like crowded venues and some indoor environments.
  • The L920-BF charging base is used for charging only plus it is equipped with a QR code scanner.

In summary, the L920-BC is best if you’re looking for a charging-only solution. The L920-BM adds Ethernet and USB connections as well as WiFi. The L920-BE includes Bluetooth and is ideal for poor signal situations. The L920-BF is for those who need just a charger and a QR code scanner solution.

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